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Scotland's archives record some of the oldest official and recognizable activities of Government anywhere in the world.

The historical and cultural significance of Scotland's archives is demonstrated by the fact that the English twice stole them, during the nations' turbulent past.

It is estimated that Scottish archives currently attract over 15,000 visitors per year. Over 200 professional archivists work out of over 50 Scottish archives, the majority of whom are participating in the Scottish Archive Network project. It is anticipated that the Scottish Archive Network will provide immediate access to material and resources for academic research in Scottish History, Geography and the Humanities to over 12 Scottish Universities as well as the wider international academic community.

The Scottish Archive Network will provide online information and resources to several thousand information workers employed across Scotland.

The Scottish Archive Network will provide rapid access to information and frequently asked questions relevant to political and cultural life within Scotland.

The Scottish Archive Network plans to provide the opportunity to study paleography online - the skill of deciphering the writings of Scots from former generations.

The Scottish Archive Network will make available digital images of the wills & testaments of Scots from 1500 to 1875 to assist genealogists, family historians, academics and local history enthusiasts with their research.

The Scottish Archive Network is regarded as a prototype by many other countries that wish to follow Scotland's lead.