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Teachers Notes
Sugested Answers
This unit has been designed to be used in a flexible manner by teachers. It can be used either on-line or downloaded and printed to be used in class. The on-line version is intended to be used in approximately 2 school periods. It could be completed as a class. by small groups or by individuals. Teachers will make their own choices as to which best suits their individual needs.

By their very nature and due to the size of some of them, much more can be made of the sources than the questions here can provide for. Teachers will wish to make their own judgements on how to use particular sources as best suits their own courses. The document on different methods of force feeding (Source3.D) is long and very graphic and lends itself to fuller examination, as does the prison register (Source 3.E) where suffragettes other than those used here e.g. Emily Davison, can be followed up.

By the end of this unit, students will have achieved the following learning outcomes and be able to:-

1. Describe the women's suffrage movement in Scotland from available archive material

2. Use enquiry skills relevant to the Scottish curriculum

3. Use a variety of sources to produce a piece of extended writing.
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