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  A Remedy to take Red Pimpelles out of the face

Image of herbal remedy for removing red pimples


To take red pimp
elles out of the
Take roche Allame breake th[a]t and mixe th[a]t w[i]th the whyttes of egges beatton. Boille bothe together and threw[i]th annoynt thy face morninge and eveninge 3 or 4 daies continewinge  

This remedy for pimples includes the ingredient 'roche Allame' or aluminium sulphate which was used in medicine as an astringent.
This remedy comes from an anonymous volume of miscellaneous remedies and recipes dating from the 17th and 18th centuries which forms part of the collection of the Mackenzie family, Earls of Cromartie.
This volume is held by the National Archives of Scotland
(reference: GD305/1/165).