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  To make the Face Faire and the Breathe Sweete

Image of manuscript entry containing a remedy for making 'the face faire and the breathe sweette'


To make the face faire and the breathe sweette Take the flowers or blossomes of Rosmary boille them in whytt wynne. then straine out yo[ur] blossomes and wasche well youreface ?mouthe teethe and gomes threw[i]the morninge noune & Eveninge and let th[a]t drie againe of it selfe this will make a fayre whytt skynne and make a sweet breathe and will scoure the teethe & gomes greatly & p[re]serve the[m] from the cankar

This remedy for improving the complexion contains an infusion of the herb Rosemary and white wine. Rosemary was traditionally used for a great variety of ailments including colds, giddiness and digestive complaints.

This remedy comes from an anonymous volume of miscellaneous remedies and recipes dating from the 17th and 18th centuries which forms part of the collection of the Mackenzie family, Earls of Cromartie.
This volume is held by the National Archives of Scotland.
(reference: GD305/1/165).