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  A Diet Drink

Image of manuscript for 'a diet drink' - a health tonic

This remedy for a health drink contains Sasperilla, Coriander, Sweet Fennel, Aniseed and Licorice. Sasperilla and Sweet Fennel in particular were known for their healing and cleansing properties.

A Diet Drinck

sassaparell 4 ounces sassafras 4 ounces Red whit
and yallow sanders of each one ounce Corander
swet fennell and Anna seeds of each one ounce
Lickquorich one ounce guaiacum one ounce resons
of the same 4 ounces shanons of inerey one once
crem of tarter ane once antemoney the
quanty for got put all thes ingregents in to
8 quarts of spring water and boyell tell it comes
to 6

The remedy comes from an anonymous volume (NAS GD305/1/165) of miscellaneous remedies and recipes dating from the 17th and 18th centuries which forms part of the collection of the Mackenzie family, Earls of Cromartie.