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  A Remedy for Removing Warts from the Hands

Image of a remedy for removing warts from the hands


An approued
remedy to take
awaie wartes
from the handes
Take an sticke of greene oke woode laie th[a]t in the fier to burne and keepe the water therof w[hi]ch wil ishew out at the ends and therw[i]t[h] anoint the wartes. use and follow th[a]t well twisse or thrisse a daie rubbing the warts well therw[i]t[h] and th[a]t will take them cleane awaie for euer as cleare as if youe never haid had any.

This remedy recommends the sap of 'greene oke woode' as a wart-remover. It comes from an anonymous volume of miscellaneous remedies and recipes dating from the 17th and 18th centuries which parts of the collection of the Mackenzie family, Earls of Cromartie.
This volume is held by the National Archives of Scotland
(reference: GD305/1/165).